Curefaster Ultraviolet Surface Wounds Healer, No Pain No Contact

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Safe & Non-Invasive.
Easy to Carry & Use.
Make it Easy for Scabbing Wound.
A Good Companion Solution for First Aid Appliance.

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Cure your wounds much faster

  • Helps to kill virus and germs
  • Helps to produce vitamin D
  • Stimulates the blood circulation of the wound
  • Relieves pain of the wound
  • Antiphlogistic effects
  • Strengthens immunity
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Safe & Non-Invasive

Curefaster adopts the up to date Ultraviolet treatment, kills and filters germs to dry the wound, and promotes blood circulation with safe UV light. Helping wounds scab faster while being painless and with no-contact to the wounds.

Make it easy for scabbing wound

Stop the blood flow and disinfect the new wound first, and then start to use CureFaster to cure the wound. Most superficial wounds scab with 3 treatments.

Easy to Carry & Use

CureFaster is portable and rechargeable for continuous use of up to 4 hours, small size for convenient curing wounds either at home or outdoors.

A good companion solution for first aid appliance

Especially for the elders,children and those susceptible to infection. Portable for emergencies at Home, Outdoors, Car, Camping, Workplace, Hiking & Survival.

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CureFaster is designed to help wounds scar faster while being painless and with no-contact.

  • No side effects
  • Non-contact and pain-free
  • Safe and easy to use

Why do you need a CureFaster?

*The sources of infection are increasingly diverse in the world today.
*Dry and scab the wounds fast much better than let it open to be infected.
*A good wound healing companion solution for first aid appliance.
*Reduce your wound to be infected and repeated painful debridement.
*Natural healing without medicine.


UV type:  Safe grade UVC
Blue light:  400-470nm, killing virus
Anti-Virus filter layer:  90% efficiency
Charging voltage: 5V DC
Charging currency:  1A/2A
Charging port : Micro USB
Charging time: 3 hours
Battery capacity : 2500mAh
Battery type:  18650 Li-battery
Product size:  160*75*68mm
Each treatment:  5-10 minutes suggested
Max treating time:  100 minutes per day, till the wound no longer wet
Suggested usage time of Anti-Virus filter layer: Pls change it in 1 hour


CureFaster can't replace hospital professional treatment, but focuses on small surface wounds. As long as the machine is used correctly, it can quickly sterilize and dry small surface wounds to promote healing. If the treatment is not effective for complex situations please see a doctor immediately . Therefore, we are not responsible for any problems caused by improper use of the machine.

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CureFaster PainlessQ Instruction PDF Download

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“These are amazing. The Quality is excellent.  I'm very pleased! you guys rock! My cuts healed easily while my companions still suffered. Helped them out with my method and they finally had healed wounds as well.”

By Maurice Jackson

"This special Ultraviolet Surface Wounds Healer is everything they are described as being. I have been using them on a very difficult area open wound and is healing fast without changing bandages every day!!!"

By David A Love

"Scraped my knee pretty badly while hanging Christmas lights and wanted something that would conceal the scrape, speed up healing and help with scarring. I have to say these are a great product. Highly recommend."

By Andrea Brown