Wound Healing Story

What is the Advanced Wound Healing Way?
1. From 460 B.C. to 377 B.C., Hippocratic wound treatment appeared. It is from this that the Hippocratic oath that the general medical workers have to swear.
In his famous book of maxims, the last sentence even says, " If the scalpel can't treat it, the fire can be cured; if the fire can't, it must not be cured. "

It was very advanced at that time. From a modern perspective, do you think this treatment is reasonable?

2. The invention of modern band aid. In 1920, there was a novice housewife in America who always hurt herself. Her husband Earle Dickson, out of love, creatively applied glue to one layer of gauze, then folded another into a gauze pad and placed it in the middle of the glue gauze. This is the prototype of the band aid that we still use in emergencies when we encounter wounds.
Today, it is well known that band aids are especially convenient to carry. But the effect is only to isolate bacteria, but can not treat a small amount of bacteria and inflammation inside the wound, so wound recovery is slow, often a week to scar.

3. Invention of antibiotics: in September 1928, Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming discovered a mold that can inhibit and kill Staphylococcus, and named this mold "penicillin". Later, more and more antibiotics were found, which is the original source of antibiotic ointment. Today, antibiotic ointments are still widely used, but bacteria are becoming more and more resistant, even Staphylococcus aureus.

4. In 2019,CureFaster invented the world’s first wound healing machine,the PainlessQ.

However, there are 3 reasons that cause wound infection: germs, bruising and moisture. CureFaster could cure all of these.

----CureFaster phototherapy sterilization disinfects the wound and kills germs well. This is similar to antibiotic ointment but 100% natural with no contact, no side effect. 
----CureFaster invented hygienic Wound-Drying technology: The Anti-Virus filter layer filters germs to dry the wound by hygienic airflow quickly.  Once the wound is dry, Germs could not get in any more, and forms scabs much faster.
----The Deep-UV technology: CureFaster uses Deep-UV, which goes 2mm deeper into your wound and promotes blood circulation to improve the bruising, the whole process is done with no pain. Yet, it still relieves pain of the wound, promotes wound healing and strengthens immunity.

Now, if you could choose, which is the best?