Brand Story


On a beautiful holiday night in 2014, a family in a remote mountain area was in real trouble. The boy's thigh was accidentally scalded by boiling water, and the wound was infected in the middle of the night. But it took at least 10 hours to drive out of the mountain to find the hospital, so the whole family was very nervous..

Fortunately, the father happened to have 20 years of medical industry experience. After the iodine was disinfected, he finally decided to use the hotel's high-power ultraviolet lamp to irradiate the bacteria, while drying the wound with the electric hair dryer in the room. It's a treatment that has never been done before in the history of human wound treatment, and the on-site equipment is extremely poor. But perhaps because of the father's love, a miracle happened: Although the treatment process was really hurting at that time, the boy's wound was no longer painful that night, and the next day he was completely scabbed and could play freely.

Inspired by this, the father asked a question, "Why can't we build a safe, painless and faster wound healing machine, so that all families can stop the pain of their wounds?" He was not a particularly wealthy person. After years of hard work focusing on R & D, he was almost in a desperate situation, and the ideal product was still far away. But the luck came again, he got the help of a professional product team in 2019, so he invented the "better faster" UV healing machine and applied for a patent.

Now, the first generation "PainlessQ" for small surface wounds has passed the FDA certification, FCC radiation certification and sterilization effect verification. The product is safe and really non-contact and painless. It can heal wounds and scabs for the first time after about 10 minutes for ordinary small wounds. As a result, the time required for complete scabbing was reduced to 24 hours.

We sincerely hope you could enjoy it with all your family and friends.